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Japanese cookery classes for all and local catering

Zoom Cooking Class

   You can cook along with me or just watch.

   Please send me an email to book. I will send the zoom link and recipe upon

   reciept of the fee.

£5/household for lunch time zoom

£12/household for complete meal evening time zoom

   * You need to download Zoom application (free)

Schedule of the forthcoming classes. Please let me knnow if you want to change the date. Ingredients are listed below.


lunch zoom 12:00

evening zoom 17:30

8 January (Fri)

1.Pan fried pork with ginger sauce

2.Carrot and bean sprout salad

3.Simmerd hijiki, fried tofu and carrot

4.Japanese rice

10 January (Sun)

Donburi (big bowl of rice with topping)

14 January (Thu)

Donburi ((big bowl of rice with topping)

16 January (Sat)

Gyoza (dumpling)

Tofu special 

1.Ganmodoki (fried tofu, hijiki and veg balls)

2.Tofu steak with spring oion sauce

3.Tofu salad

4.Japanese rice

19 January (Tue)

Gyoza (dumpling)

23 January (Sat)

Donburi (big bowl of rice with topping)

24 January (Sun)

Gyoza (dumpling)

30 January (Sat)

ushi 3 types

1. hosomaki

2. nigiri

3. temaki zushi

8 January meal 

miso soup and sake is not included, sorry!



Donburi, chicken and egg

or mushrooms and egg

16 January Tofu special


lunch zoom 12:00

evening zoom

17:30 all include rice

14 November (Sat)

Okonomi yaki (savoury pancake)

27 November (Friday)

Tender stir fried beef, onion and pepper

Spicy supperfood konjac

Mushroom and green with lemon soy

28 November (Saturday)

Yakisoba (stir fried noodle)

5 December (Saturday)

Katsu curry

12 December (Saturday)

Tempura udon/soba

11 December (Friday)

Simmered fish with ginger

Deep fried tofu (agedashi dofu)

Lightly marinated vegetables

18 December (Friday)

Panfried fish with spring onion sauce

Chickpea tofu (TBC)

Mooli and tin of tuna mayo salad

27th November, Friday from 5:30pm, £12/household.

I decided to introduce unusual ingredient this time but still available at major supermarkets. That is konnyaku or konjac, which is one of the “super food”, low calorie, low cholesterol, high fibre. 


Spicy konjac (you can adjust the amount of chilli as you like)

Mushroom and green leave salad with lemon and soy sauce

Shredded beef, onion and pepper with ginger


Ingredients you need for 2-3 people:

a packet of konjac, chilli

mushroom, any green leaves (spinach, kale, watercress, chard, etc.) lemon

small beef steak, onion, green pepper, ginger

sushi rice

soy sauce, salt, pepper, sake, mirin, potato flour, vegetable

Equipment you need:

heavy based saucepan with tight lid for rice

milk pan for konjac

wok or frying pan for mushroom and green leaves also beef and vegetables

knife and chopping board

28 November, Saturday from 12:00 noon, £5/household

Noodles are typical lunch in Japan. There are many types of noodles dishes but stir fried is one of the most popular one!

Ingredients you need for 2 people

Egg noodle for two
Onion, pepper, cabbage, thinly sliced pork (you can use other ingredients to suit your diet)

Vegetable oil, salt & pepper, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, mirin

Optional: oyster sauce, tomato ketchup, Sushi ginger, bonito flakes

5 December (Saturday) from 12:00 noon, £5/household

In Japanese, katsu curry doesn't mean a type of curry sauce. It means katsu (deep fried breaded meat) with Japanese curry sauce. I'm sorry but we don't make curry from scratch but use ready made curry block.

You will need for 2 people:

Japanese curry block
Small chicken fillet x 4 or any meat/ you want. You can also use vegetable such as  

     aubergine, courgette, mushroom, which is easy to coat with bread crumbs.

Panko or bread crumbs

Plain flour

Carrot, onion, potato
Sushi rice
Vegetable oil

12 December  (Saturday) from 12:00 noon £5/household

My favourite lunch! The tempura here is kaki a ge (mixed ingredients fried together)

You will nedd for 2 people

Udon, dried or cooked (you can use soba instead) x 2
A handful of shredded vegetable (carrots, onion, kale, Jerusalem artichoke, etc.) x 2
Small amount of small shrimp
Potato flour, plain flour, vegetable oil, soy sauce, dashi stock, sake, ice cold water or sparkling water


11 December (Friday) from 17:30pm £12/household


① simmered white fish with ginger

② deep fried tofu with dipping sauce (agedashi do-fu)

③ lightly salted vegetable salad

④ rice

You will nedd for 2-3 people

① white fish fillet (sea bass would be good but any), fresh ginger

② tofu, spring onion

③ cucumber, Chinese leaves (or soft cabbage), carrot

④ sushi rice - 300ml

Soy sauce, mirin, sugar, potato flour, vegetable oil, dashi stock, salt

Equipment you need:

heavy based saucepan with tight lid for rice

sauce pan big enough to hold each fish flat (not over-rapphed)

small saucepan to deep fry tofu

bowl to mix vegetable salad

18 December (Saturday) from 17:30pm £12/household


① pan fried fish with spring onion sauce

② chickpea tofu (TBC)

③ mooli and tin of tuna mayo salad

④ rice

You need the following ingredients for 2-3 people.

① sword fish or any firm fish, spring onion

② dried chickpea

③ mooli, tin of tuna, green leaves (ideally mooli leaves)

④ sushi rice

Seasoning and equipment you need:
Soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, wasabi, mayonnaise, vegetable oil, cheese cloth, blender, sieve


                                okonomi yaki


          sushi rice salad (chirashi zushi)