Zoom cooking class

Zoom Cooking Class

   You can cook along with me or just watch.

   Please send me an email to book. I will send the zoom link and recipe upon

   reciept of the fee.

£5/household for lunch time zoom

£12/household for complete meal evening time zoom

   * You need to download Zoom application (free)

Schedule of the forthcoming classes. If you can't make the particular date, please let me know. Ingredients are listed on event page of Facebook or just ask me.


Lunch time, £5/household

Evening time, £12/household

13 March, Saturday, 5:30pm

Sushi 3 types

1. hosomaki

2. nigiri

3. temaki zushi

18 March, Thursday, 12:00

Sushi rice salad

(bara zushi or chirashi zushi)

20 March, Saturday, 5:30pm

1. Nanban (fried fish, chicken or tofu in      marinade with vegetables)

2. Lightly salted vegetable salad

3. Egg and wakame (seaweed) soup

26 March, Friday, 6:00pm

1. Chan chan yaki (salmon and vegetables with miso paste, speciality from Hokkaido )

2. Chinese leaves salad with sesame seeds

3. Egg & tomato soup

31 March, Wednesday 12:00

Om-rice (tomato ketchup flavoured fried rice covered with egg-only pancake)

8 April, Thursday 12:00

Bean-noodle (vermicelli) salad

10 April, Saturday, 5:30pm

1. Tsukune (minced chicken balls) with Chinese leaves in gingery thick sauce - fish can be used instead of chicken

2. Sauteed potato in sweet & hot sauce

3. Cucumer and ginger salad

13 March 

26 March Chan chan yaki

20 March

                          18 March

          sushi rice salad (chirashi zushi)

8April Beans noodle (vericelli) salad

with mustartd, soy sauce and sesame oil. There is also mayonnaise version, too.


Lunch time zoom £5/household

Evening tim zoom £12/household

Saturday 6th 5:30pm

Tofu 3 types 

1/ Shira ae (tofu salad0

2/ Tofu steak (pan fried tofu)

3/ Ganmo doki (deep fried tofu balls with vegetables)

Tuesday 9th 12:00noon

Okonomi yaki 

(savoury pancke)

Friday 12th 6:00pm

1/ Panfried mackerel with ginger & garlic

2/ Cauliflower and broccoli stem with wasabi & mayo

3/ Hijiki, beans and vegetable salad

Wednesday 17th 12:00noon

Gyoza (dumpling, meat or vegetalian)

Saturday 20th 5:30pm

1/ Chicken thigh with vegetables in mustard & mayo

2/ Simmered fried tofu and turnip or daikon (mooli)

3/ Ginger and onion soup


       Okonomi yaki

        9th February

 Chicken thigh with vegetables

       in mustard & mayo

           20th February

         Tofu special

         6th February

Simmered fried tofu and daikon

          20th February

Panfried mackerel with garlic & ginger

                  12th February


             17th February


lunch zoom 12:00

evening zoom 17:30

8 January (Fri)

1.Pan fried pork with ginger sauce

2.Carrot and bean sprout salad

3.Simmerd hijiki, fried tofu and carrot

4.Japanese rice

10 January (Sun)

Donburi (big bowl of rice with topping)

14 January (Thu)

Donburi ((big bowl of rice with topping)

16 January (Sat)

Gyoza (dumpling)

Tofu special 

1.Ganmodoki (fried tofu, hijiki and veg balls)

2.Tofu steak with spring oion sauce

3.Tofu salad

4.Japanese rice

19 January (Tue)

Gyoza (dumpling)

23 January (Sat)

Donburi (big bowl of rice with topping)

24 January (Sun)

Gyoza (dumpling)

30 January (Sat)

Sushi 3 types

1. hosomaki

2. nigiri

3. temaki zushi

8 January meal 

miso soup and sake is not included, sorry!

Donburi, chicken and egg

or mushrooms and egg


28 and 30 August - zoom cooking class from 5:30pm


          Katsu-don (not curry! A bowl of rice with deep fried breaded chicken/pork/fish in sweetish broth with


          Salad with ponzu dressing (soy sauce based dressing with lemon/lime)

11 July, Saturday - vegetarian/vegan zoom cooking class 

27 June, Saturday - dinner party class on Zoom


           Minced chicken balls with cabbage (plenty of ginger)

           Carrots and parsley salad with sesame oil and soy sauce

           Mangetout and egg

           White and brown rice (mixed)

11 June, Thursday - dinner party class on ZOOM


        Marinated fried fish and vegetables (for vegans please use tofu)

        Cucumber and ginger salad

        Egg and wakame (sea vegetables) soup *not miso soup*

        (for vegans please use tofu or beans)

        Japanese style pilau rice with vegetables


28 May, Thursday - dinner party class on ZOOM, 5:30pm UK tiime


          We are cooking a typical Japanese "one soup, three dishes" dinner with rice:

          Chicken teriyaki with salad

          Stewed root vegetables

          Spinach and sesame seeds salad

          Miso soup



          NB. We use fish stock powder/granules to save time. It might be difficult to get real bonito fish flakes

          anyway. If you are interested in, please email me. I will reply you with bank details, shopping list and

          zoom invitation.

          Vegetarian option available.


lunch zoom 12:00

evening zoom

17:30 all include rice

14 November (Sat)

Okonomi yaki (savoury pancake)

27 November (Friday)

Tender stir fried beef, onion and pepper

Spicy supperfood konjac

Mushroom and green with lemon soy

28 November (Saturday)

Yakisoba (stir fried noodle)

5 December (Saturday)

Katsu curry

12 December (Saturday)

Tempura udon/soba

11 December (Friday)

Simmered fish with ginger

Deep fried tofu (agedashi dofu)

Lightly marinated vegetables

18 December (Friday)

Panfried fish with spring onion sauce

Chickpea tofu (TBC)

Mooli and tin of tuna mayo salad