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Sushi starter kit £18.00

Everything you need to make authentic sushi at home


  • sushi rice - 1kg.
  • nori seaweed - 10 sheets
  • bamboo rolling mat x 1
  • rice vinegar - 250ml
  • light soysauce - 150ml
  • wasabi - 43g.
  • sushi ginger - 275g. and hands on cooking instruction

Tea canister

£7.50 per item + P&P UK mainland £3.20 (2nd class), £3.80 (1st class)

This beautiful stainless steel canister holds approx.100g of loose tea or 20 tea bags. Covered with washi (Japanese traditional paper), with

an  inner plastic lid to keep the tea dry.

Other little things

     Japanese omlete pan


         OUT OF STOCK

      envelops for special occatlion

           for cash or cheques

(envelops are wrapped with beautiful             paper and sash)



                      £2 per pair

P&P £1.20 (1st class) £1.10 (2nd class)

      grater with anti-slip bottom -

        ideal for garlic and ginger


 P&P £1.80 (1st class) £1.50 (2nd class)

little pouch - ideal for coins


Unique kitchen oil brush - Out of stock

£3.80 + P&P UK mainland £3.20 (2st class), £3.50 (1st class)

1. put oil in the cup

2. push the brush in

3.the brush is ready to use for oiling

adjustable brush length

suitable for any oil

brush handle – plastic & aluminium

cup and top – plastic

brush – 100% cotton

                                            Made in Japan

Perfect to spread oil evenly, thinly and cleanly. I've used an oil mister in the past but it sprays oil in unnecessary areas, thus wasting oil and making the tray sticky after baking but the unique kitchen oil brush allows you to oil exactly where it is needed.

Availabe in red or white

The following products are also available.

P&P will be combined if you purchase multiple items. Please contact us for a quotation.

  • Wasabi - 43g - £2.00
  • Mini sushi starter kit (500g.rice+seaweed+vinegar+mat+wasabi) £13.00
  • Bamboo rolling mat - £2.00
  • Sushi rice £1.60/500g
  • Tenugui towel - £2.50 
  • chopsticks - £2.00

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