Take away menu

Take away - free delilvery to Toton

Minimum order £20

Please order at least 5 days in advance.

                    Japanese Ideas is not a fast food outlet. We offer a unique authentic culinary

                           experience for our customers. We source the ingredients and cook just for you.

                                            That is why we ask for 5 days-in advacne time frame.

Gluten free option available

Sushi set £4.80

Minimum order 2 sets

Nigiri : salmon, tofu, prawn, egg

Hosomaki : cucumber, salmon, mooli

Uramaki : egg, cucumber, green leaves, smoked mackerel, carrot

Home made spring rolls small

     pork, vegetables, noodles     £15/22pcs

     vegetetarian                       £15/22pcs

Home made spring rolls large

     pork, vegetables, egg, noodles    £2.50/each

     vegetarian                               £2.00/each


Deep fried marinated chicken with ginger and soy sauce (kara a ge)

£10/ equivalent to 2 x thigh

Teriyaki chicken

£10/ equivalent to 2 x thigh

Edamame £8 / 5 portions (90g each)

Young soya bean in pods

Japanese style omelette

£6 / 12 slices (equivalent to 3 eggs) 

Plain or with vegetables

Japanese style savoury pancke (okonomi yaki)

£15 for 2 

choice of topping:bacon, prawn, minced beef 

Stir fried vegetables with miso paste

£12 / 5 portions (a small bowlful each)

French beans or spinach with sesame seeds dressing

£12 / 5 portions (a small bowlful each)

Gyoza dumpling, fried or boild

Mince pork     £11/10pcs

Vegetarian     £10/10pcs

Miso soup £1.80

Rice £1.50