Please choose 4 dishes from this menu for dinner party class.

Cold dishes

Kaiso salad (sea weed salad)

Spinach and sesame salad

Cucumber and wakeme (sea weed) salad

Hijiki (black sea weed) and mayonnaise

Hijiki (black sea weed) and edamame

Leek with miso sauce

Sweet and sour turnip (pickled)

Chicken and vegetable salad with lemon sesame dressing

Broccol's stem with wasabi mayo

Mushroom and green leaves with lemon soy

Raw tuna and spring onion

Bean noodle salad with mayonnaise

Bean noodle salad with sesame dressing

Potato salad in Japanese style

Kin pira (sweet and hot saute/simmer) celery

Cucumber and fish flakes

Bean sprouts and wasabi soy

Lightly marinated sweet & sour salad

Grilled dishes

Mackerel and grated mooli (Japanese white radish)

Salmon marinated with lemon and soys sauce

Fish marinated in miso paste

Mackerel and vinegar and soys sauce

Yakitori (skewered chicken pieces)

Fried dishes

Chicken cakes with teriyaki sauce

Japanese style omelette (tamago yaki)

Tofu steak

Meat and seasonal vegetable with miso

Chicken or pork teriyaki

Pork with iceberg lettuce

Gyoza - minced pork, chicken or vegetarian (dumpling)

Tender beef, onion and greenpepper

Deep fried dishes

Tofu with dipping sauce (age dashi dofu)

Marinated chicken or fish with ginger and soy sauce (kara a ge)

Chicken or sprats in marinade (nan ban zuke)

Pork in bread crumbs (pork katsu)

Chicken in bread crumbs (chicken katsu)

Curry flavoured French beans and minced chicken/pork

Minced meat cake with bread crumbs (menchi katsu)

Tofu, hijiki and carrots balls (gan modoki)

Stewed dishes

Minced pork and turnip

Pumpkin and fried tofu

Hijiki (black sea weed) with soya beans

Mooli and fried tofu

Fried salmon and grated mooli (Japanese white radish)

Mackerel with miso

King prawn and eddos (taro potato)

Shinjo (prawn paste balls)

Spicy and sweet konjac/kon-nyaku

Rice and noodles

Japanese style pilauff

Fried rice covered with an thin egg pancake (om-rice)

Rice with various toppings with beaten egg (don buri)

Sushi cake

Sushi rice salad with raw tuna

Yaki soba/udon (fried noodle)

Savoury pancake (oko nomi yaki)

Noodles in soup


Steamed egg custard (savoury)