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We recently had a three hour sushi class with Hiroko at Japanese Ideas and had a great experience. Due to both my partner and I working shifts she was really flexible in dates allowing us to find a weekday that suited us. The class was really interesting, learning how to make three different types of sushi (maki, nigiri and urinaki) as well as sushi salad and miso soup - more than we were expecting to learn. Everything we made was catered to our dietary requirements as a vegan and vegetarian. Hiroko is very friendly and a calm teacher, making us feel very welcome in her home. We really would recommend to anyone!

Phoebe Brook


August 2022

Where do I even begin to explain the sheer perfection that was my first class with Hiroko at Japanese Ideas? My stepsister and her boyfriend's sister also attended and Hiroko made us feel incredibly welcome. The teriyaki salmon, Tonkatsu pork, Cucumber and Wakame seaweed salad and beef with green peppers, onion and ginger were absolutely delicious and I am so glad I have a copy of each recipe. Every mouthful was vibrant, fresh and so good to the point I felt addicted to the dishes themselves. Even ate the salmon skin, too. (Jess and L weren't particularly keen on that, but they enjoyed it all the same. ). Now, armed with the recipes, I will definitely be looking for the correct ingredients to redo this fabulous feast at home. However, I will NOT be using chopsticks to eat with the second time. I felt so bad I couldn't use them correctly in Hiroko's home, but she gladly catered to my use of a fork she offered me upon seeing my struggles with chopsticks. Overall, it was a fantastic time and would love to go again one day! You are not going to be disappointed! ?????????????????! (Thank you very much,Hiroko!).

Benjamin Perks


July 2022

Excellent class and fabulous sushi.

Sharon Bacha


July 2022

I attended the 3hrs sushi making class with a friend of mine and we both had an amazing experience. Firstly, classes were small in size (there was just us and 2 other people) which made it feel more comfortable and personal. The attention to detail was great and has made it possible to remember how to replicate these dishes at home and understand the process. We were also provided with a copy of the recipes and instructions for home. Hiroko was v knowledgeable and friendly. I would definitely recommend attending one of the classes at Japanese Ideas.

Aoife Glenn


June 2022

We booked the sushi making class for 2 people and attended it with 4 people in total.
It was excellent! Good pacing, really informative and Hiroko made sure that all of us had a chance to try out the various cooking steps. She was happy to answer all of our questions and really made it a brilliant experience.
Would recommend to everyone looking to learn how to make sushi the correct way!

Nihal Shetty


June 2022

My 4 friends and I had a fantastic time at Japanese Ideas. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience learning about Japanese cookery and I’d highly recommend the tofu tutorial. We made a variety of tofu from scratch and then had the opportunity to taste the food. Now I have the skills, knowledge and recipes needed to make my own tofu in the future. Thank you!

Giselle Kennedy



First Hiroko was so hospitable when I had to make a last minute cancellation due to covid and she found me another date! But the class itself was so good! She was so knowledgeable and I feel I learnt so much, even how to chop vegetables properly! I can’t wait to try what I learnt at home!