Class dates


Class dates



3 hr class (sushi class,dinner party class,tofu making class), starts at 10:30am and ends approx. at 1:30pm

 (including sit down eating time)  but the starting time can be re-arranged.

Please choose 4 dishes from Menu page for dinner party class ( unless already mentioned)


Weekday classes are also availabe. Please contact me for dates.

£55 per person, minimum 2 people 

12 June, Saturday - 3 hr dinner party class - 1 place left

     Donburi (a bowl of rice with egg and vegetable topping)

     Japanese style omlette

     Okonomi yaki (Japanese style thick savoury pancake, like a pizza)

     Lightly pickled sweet and sour salad

14 June, Monday - fully booked

19 June, Saturday - fully booked


  4 July, Sunday - tofu making class

10 July, Saturday - pop up restaurant (please see supper club/pop up restaurant page for more details)

17 July, Saturday - sushi class

11 August, Wednesday - 3 hr dinner party class - 2 places left

     Hijiki salad with mayonnaise

     Japanese style omlette

     Chicken katsu (not curry! It's a fried chicken coated with bread crumbs)

     Sushi cake


 1.5 hr sushi class

 £25 per person

 Minimum 3 people

 3 July, Saturday 11am

This class is run on demand.

Please email me with your preferred dates.