About classes

About the classes

The class starts with welcoming Japanese tea then I will talk about the dishes and go through the recipe. After the talk we go to the kitchen and start cooking. Don't worry if you are not an experienced cook, I can start with how to use the knives propperly with the correct technique.

In the last half an hour you can sit down and enjoy your own delicious Japanese food.

The class normally starts at 10:30am but can be changed.

The venue is 80 Portland Road, Toton, Nottingham, NG9 6EW but it is possible to have a class at different places.

There are five types of classes:

1. sushi class - four different types of sush (hoso maki, nigiri, inside out maki and chirashi zushi) and miso soup

2. dinner party class - your choice of 4 dishes and plain Japanese style rice (please open Menu page for your choices)

3. tofu making class - ideal for vegans and vegetarians

We will make tofu from scratch using organic soy beans.

We also make the following mouth-watering dishes using the freshly made tofu:

Fried tofu with sesame soy sauce sauce

Cold tofu with ponzu sauce

Okara (tofu by product) dish

Japanese style pillau rice


  • £60 per person including recipe sheets to take home
  • extra £55 if you want a private class for 2 people 
  • minimum 2 people
  • duration - 3 hours including sit down eating time towards the end

4. Mini sushi class - a fun, exciting and tasty activity for ALL sushi lovers - you will learn 3 different types of sushi: hosomaki,

    nigiri and chirash zushi. There isn't a time to make sushi rice with you but I throughly explain how to prepare sushi rice.


  • £28 per person including recipe sheets to take home
  • minimum 3 people
  • duration - 1.5 hours including sit down eating time

5 Zoom class - a fun gathering with friends and family who live far away.

     Just choose 3 dishes from menu page and let me know. I will send you recipes and zoom link.

     You can just watch me cooking or cook along with me. 


  •  £15/household 
  •  Minimum 3 households

We also have sushi party and sushi making class at your venue.

Please see more details on sushi party page.

Thank you