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Class was amazing and food was fabulous Ten out of ten.

I will also be part of the pop in lunch.



Omar Fofana


November 2017


Sushi making … and eating with Japanese ideas was such fun, informative and healthy. I thought I would struggle with the delicate preparation but it was made to seem easy- Japanes knife techniques were also well worth knowing. In all I thought it was great value for money. We were made soo welcome too .

Many Thanks.




November 2017


We thoroughly enjoyed our sushi class. Learnt new skills in a patient environment, we can't wait to book on another class!


Amy Harris


September 2017


Absolutely brilliant evening making sushi, learning about Japan and it's cuisine, meeting new people and getting to know the lovely Hiroko and her food philosophy. I would highly recommend these classes to anyone interested in Japanese cooking. I learned so much and feel really excited about my new personal Japanese culinary adventure!




April 2017


Fantastic, fun evening, perfect for a hen party to get everybody involved. Took away skills that I can hopefully use in the future and memories that will last! Thank you so much for your hospitality Hiroko.


Ambreen Yasin


April 2017






























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