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We had a very enjoyable morning with Hiroko-san learning how to make some typical Japanese dishes at our friend's house. Hiroko-san was great at explaining the different dishes, ingredients and ways to cook them, and also gave us very useful recipes that we could take home to cook the same dishes again. We had a very good friendly and informative atmosphere. She brought all the ingredients and utensils and left the kitchen tidy and clean before she left. We really enjoyed it and will be definitely using her services again.

Rocio Peregrin


May 2019

Hiroko’s class was a birthday gift from a friend. Working with Hiroko was great fun, she not only helped us cook authentic Japanese dishes but also shared valuable tips and techniques. She is extremely knowledgeable and organised. She left our kitchen spotless and got us to enjoy a great meal with our friends.

Stef Cooper


May 2019

Hiroko's Tofu class was exceptional in every way. She welcomed us warmly into her home and made us feel at ease and relaxed from the start.

The Lesson was amazing, with just the right amount of demonstration and interaction, and Hiroki explained every step of the process in the perfect level of detail. We even had instruction sheets to take home with us so that we could recreate the amazing meal that we prepared.

This class is perfect for anyone. I went into this only ever having made stir-fry with shop bought tofu. Now I can make my own organic fresh tofu at a fraction of the price, and I can even make additional dishes to tofu now, and I know how to make my own soy-milk!

My Vegan friends were very jealous when I showed them the pictures!

Deborah Korn

Beeston, Nottingham

April 2019

Hiroko was extremely welcoming from the start. We had a great time learning about making Sushi, and an even greater time eating it.



March 2019

Brilliant morning spent making sushi with the wonderful Hiroko. Thoroughly recommend to anyone who is interested in Japanese cuisine.

Charlotte Wileman


March 2019

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