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Japanese cookery classes for all and local catering



5 February 2019  is Chinese New Year. However, it is not only for Chinese people. Many Asian countries used the same calendar as in China. So did Japan. We now use Gregorian calendar but some Japanese people still celebrate the previous New Year, which is called "Old New Year".


To celebrate the "Old New Year" in Japanese style, we are organising Japense New Year special meal supper club/pop up restaurant on the 8 February 6:30pm.


There will be more than 10 different dishes. £30 per person. Please see more details on Pop up restaurant page.



 What is pop up restaurant and supper club?

   We turn our place to a enjoyable eating place with likely minded people who love Japanese food.


                 Established in 2007

Japanese cooking class for all: sushi, everyday Japanese meals, and tofu making .

My name is Hiroko, pronounced he-lo-ko. I came to England in 1989 from Japan.

The foreign cuisine was not popular at the time and the words "TV chef" were not invented, but now there are so many cooking programmes on TV and exotic ingredients are widely available.

Although Japanese cuisine became popular, many people do not know about it other than raw fish.

I would like to introduce Japanese home cooking, the dishes we eat at home and the dishes I was taught by my mother.

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