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Japanese cooking classes and local catering


Class dates August to December 2017


3 hr class (sushi class,dinner party class,tofu making class), starts at 10:30am and ends approx. at 1:30pm

(including sit down eating time) but the starting time can be changed.


£45 per person, minimum 2 people

Group discount available when booked with 5 people or more.


19 August, Saturday - dinner party class - protein rich menu!

chicken cakes with teriyaki sauce

menchi catsu (minced meat patties with breadcrumbs)

curry flavoured French beans and mice tempura

Ganmo (hijiki and tofu fried baaceme

31 August, Thursday - bento lunch - please see bento lunch page

5 September, Tuesday - fullhy booked


19 September, Tuesday- dinner party class - one place left

ganmo (fried tofu balls with vegetable) and aubergine

white fish with mushroom sauce

chicken nan ban (fried chicken marinated with vegetable)

raw tuna with sushi rice


23 September, Saturday

27 September, Wednesday


15 October, Saturday - dinner party class- one place left

chicken katsu


hijiki and edamame

ganmo (fried tofu balls with hijiki and carrots)


19 October, Thursday

25 October, Wednesday

28 October, Saturday - fully booked

4 November, Saturday

9 November, Thursday

13 November, Monday

18 November, Saturday

29 November, Wednesday

2 December, Saturday

5 December, Tuesday

Other dates are available on request.


1.5 hr sushi class

£20 per person

Minimum 3 people

27 August, Sunday form 11am


Tpis class is run on demand.

Please email me with your preferred dates.