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Japanese cooking classes and local catering


Class dates March to September 2018


3 hr class (sushi class,dinner party class,tofu making class), starts at 10:30am and ends approx. at 1:30pm

(including sit down eating time) but the starting time can be changed.


£45 per person, minimum 2 people

Group discount available when booked with 5 people or more.


4 March, Sunday - dinner party class - FULLY BOOKED


Chicken teriyaki

Grilled salmon marinated with lemonand soy sauce

Sushi (a quick introduction)


17 March, Saturday - dinner party class - FULLY BOOKED

Chicken kara a ge (fried chicken marinated with ginger and soy sauce)

King prawns and eddoes (taro potato)

Fried salmon and grated mooli (Japanese white reddish)

Sushi rice salad with raw tuna


25 March, Sunday - dinner party class - FULLY BOOKED

Bean noodle salad with sesame dressing

Yakitori (grilled scwered chicken)

Okonomi yaki (Japanese style savary pancake)

Ramen (egg noodle in soup)


7 April, Saturday - sushi class - FULLY BOOKED


22 May, Tuesday - FULLY BOOKED


26 May, Saturday - FULLY BOOKED

27 May, Sunday - dinner party classd - one place left

Deep fried fish with marinated vegetables

Spinach salad with sesame dressing

Tofu steak or a-ge dashi tofu

Fried soba/udon



1 June, Friday - FULLY BOOKED


16 June, Saturday - dinner party class

Broccoli's stem with wasabi mayonnaise

Grilled mackerel with grated mooli

sushi cake

Fried egg noodle (yaki soba)


15 July, Sunday - dinner party class

Fried noodle (yaki udon)

Savoury steamed egg

Grilled skewered chicken (yaki tori)

Gyoza (dumpling)


28 July, Saturday - sushi class


11 August, Saturday - sushi class


25 August, Saturday

1 September, Saturday


Other dates are available on request.


1.5 hr sushi class

£20 per person

Minimum 3 people

10 February from 11am - FULLY BOOKED

This class is run on demand.

Please email me with your preferred dates.