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Looking for a unique baking recipe for a special occasion? Or just an everyday yummy cake to eat with the family?


This eye catching MATCHA cake will get everyone talking about its striking looks and great taste……..."WHOA" moment! Your guests ask you "How did you make this?" And the best bit is nobody will know just how easy it was to make! 


THE GREEN COLOR - is from powdered green tea, known as MATCHA in Japan. Never heard of it before? 
Whilst it is made from normal green tea leaves, Matcha undergoes a thousand-year-old process of covering the tea leaves before harvest and then grinding the whole leaf into a fine powder with granite stones. 


Why? Green tea becomes bitter with sunlight, so Matcha retains a natural sweetness and vibrant green colour compared to every day green tea.


MATCHA - 6 cups (equivalent) of all natural, ceremonial grade is used. 
Matcha green tea contains more antioxidants per gram than super fruits like Acai Berries, Goji Berries, Blue Berries, Broccoli and Spinach. Antioxidants can befit health in many ways including better, younger looking skin, increased metabolism and energy as well as lower risk of illness. That’s why we say our cake is as healthy as cake can be!


SAVE TIME with our easy mix & recipe - Amazon UK currently sells over 2,600 types of MATCHA ranging in price from £0.50 to £330. SERIOUSLY it is HOT right now. Don't waste your time trying to find the right Matcha and scouring the internet for a great cake recipe. WE made it SO EASY for you. We import our premium Matcha directly from JAPAN and hand-prepare each cake mix JUST FOR YOU!


NOT TOO SWEET - If you are looking for naughty “will make you sick" dessert recipe we are very sorry this cake might not for you. 
We worked hard to cut down sugar as well as maintaining the beauty and texture of a fluffy sponge cake. Japanese people love to have this cake with their favourite wine. The sensitive sweetness go very well with any your favourite tipples.



MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - if you find this cake does not deliver what we promise, we will give you your money back.



WHAT YOU WILL NEED - Just add 200g butter, 4 eggs, and 120ml milk with this Hope cake mix. Then you will have this beautiful cake ready in front of you in 45 mins (20 mints to prepare, 25 mins to cook)! 
Please check our how to videos on here.



This is what you will find in the package:

matcha mix

flour mix

origami measuring cup for milk

2 Non-stick baking parchment circles




















They are available on special prices of 
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+Postage £3.00 to mainland UK.

Please ask for postage to overseas.

Thank you! Hope x


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