Pop up restaurant

Japanese Ideas

Japanese cookery classes for all and local catering


We decided to serve delicious and healthy Japanese cuisine here in Toton. Please understand that you will share a table with other people but you have something in common - enjoying Japanese food!


The next pop up restaurant is on 25 November (Sunday) and 15 December (Saturday) 2018.

£20 per person, 12:30 start, booking essential


5 course Japanese Saturday/Sundy dinner with 9 different dishes

The menu

1/ Chickpea tofu

2/ Stewed lotus roots, fried tofu, turnip and carrot

3/ Tsukune (minced chicken balls with ginger)

Stewed shredded mooli and carrots dressed with sesame oil

Fried Chinese yam

Miso soup


4/ Dessert

5/ Japanese green tea, English tea or coffee



























Menu on last pop up:

1/ Non-fried spring rolls

2/ Stewed potato and twisted kon-nyaku (konjak) * the same as zero calorie noodle*

3/ Grilled pork, white flish or salmon marinated with shio koji

 Mooli with minced pork in thick sauce

 Fried lotus roots

Green beans

 Lightly pickled vegetable


4/ Sweet potato in aga-aga jelly

5/ Japanese green tea/ coffee


£20 per person





Sunday dinner on 28 January 2018

The menu on the 31st August 2017 "Bento lunch"


Chicken balls with ginger

Home made spring rolls

Potato salad Japanese style

Cucumber and wakame (sea vegetable) sweet and sour salad

Pickled cucumber



Miso soup


Dessert and Japanese green tea





The menu on the 27th November 2016 "5 course dinner"


1/ spinach rolled with egg, marinated cucumber, eddoes

2/ sweet Japanese potato

3/ pork fillet with ginger sauce or tofu steak, sea vegetable salad, sweet and sour mooli and carrots salad, rice and miso soup

4/ aga aga fruits jelly

5/ Japanese green tea


NB:All above still a part of a cooking class

Mamuntisunio, el photonius - Jalium calaniluitus